String Ornament/Decoration

Christie Holmes
Seal of Ohio Girl Scout Council



Water down the glue a little bit, put it in foil pie pans or other disposable dishes. I spread a shower curtain out on the floor when we did this, because Brownies get really messy doing this! Each girl blows up their balloon to the size they want, and knots it. Starting with the end of their string, dip a quantity of it in the glue mixture and start wrapping the string around the balloon, in all directions. Do not make the balloons too large--keep them very small, ornament size, or the girls will be wrapping for hours. Once the balloons are well-covered, you can add glitter while they are still wet, if you wish. Hang them to dry by tying a piece of string to the know end, suspend from a hanger. We hung ours from basement rafters to dry, making sure they don't touch. Cover the floor area with that old shower curtain or newspaper, as they might drip a little. When they are dry, pop the balloon (some will have shriveled already) and remove. Girls can glue flowers around the ornament, or cluster at the top. They can add ribbons and bows, seasonal decorations like little plastic Santas, doves, etc. You can also use those mushroom birds you can buy in floral departments, use spaghnum moss, and create sort of a birds nest at the top. The ideas are limitless depending on what materials you have available.

Words of advice--thicker crochet thread is better. It comes in lots of colors. Ask around and veteran crocheters will probably have odds and ends to donate to you, which is where I got mine. Girls must wear OLD clothes that day. I used Washable Elmer's white glue, but it is still a messy project. It is amazing how many places that gluey string can get when you have a dozen or so Brownies. The moms really liked this-we gave them as presents. Some of the girls made them for their teachers, also. Don't water the glue down too much, or the string won't be stiff enough. Just a little bit of water to make it more "dip-able."

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