Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Indian Theme Decorations

Sharon Hahn

One year my son's school class made some wonderful decorations using the Indian theme. They made small clay pots for each place, and painted them brown; they made placemats for each place with turkeys they had sponge painted, they made small tipi's that they decorated with puffy paint, in indian style, using small twigs to hold up the tipi. Each family got to take them home and they were too cute! We also made turkey's from fat pinecones laying on their side with feathers around back end , and pipe cleaner necks and feet.

You could even put head bands on each girl showing symbols of the 5 worlds.

More Ideas

Ann Bilbrey
Brownie Leader Troop 904
Illinois Crossroads Girl Scout Council
Palatine, USA

Did you read about the Pinecone Turkeys? If you made them smaller, you could use them as a name card holder or group them in the center with some leaves scattered artistically around.

Or what about taking glass vases and painting them with acrylic paint (made for glass) with some quick small turkeys, or maybe do some leaf prints in fall colors on the glass. Then get some daisies and put them in the vase. I think Michaels has some small glass vases for 89 cents if you bought them by the case (24 of them). You could even put a bit of color sand at the bottom with a small votive candle in the center, instead of flowers.

Hmmmm.....what about small horns of plenty? Make a cone with construction paper and make some small fruits and veggies from modelling clay to fill it.

How about some clothespin dolls dressed as a pilgrim and another dressed as an Indian? If you had some extra time you could have the girls make a table from popsicle sticks for your dolls. A little bit of clay could be used for the food.

What about weaving a placemat with strips of construction paper. Around the ends, as a border, you could have the girls write what they are thankful for (if each girl wrote one or two things on each placemat it might be easier). Then you can contact paper the whole thing. Not exactly a centerpiece but it is something they can take home.

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