Toy Soldier Tree Ornament

Contributor Unknown



  1. Cut a "visor" for hat out of black construction paper and glue to film canister. Spread tacky glue (or spray adhesive) on canister and roll in glitter. Glue red cord over top of "visor" and around hat.
  2. Paint wooden ball with PINK, let dry. Add facial features - two small BLACK dots for eyes (dip toothpick into WHITE for highlight) , two larger RED dots for cheeks - paint a fine line "U" for mouth and inverted smaller u - "^" for nose.
  3. Glue black ribbon on for "chin strap" going around ball where ears would be.
  4. Glue hat onto head. Add red ribbon bow at neck and glue bell in center of bow.
  5. Tie hanger from silver thread and punch small hole in center top of hat and push knot into it and glue to secure.

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