Paper Twist Angel

Sue Moore
South Cook County Girl Scout Council
Tinley Park, Illinois, USA

I make iridescent paper twist angels for my family and friends and religion teachers, red ones for teachers, and green ones for Girl Scout Leaders


  • 1-- wooden ball or cherry or apple shape for head
  • 1-- pipe cleaner (same color as paper twist)
  • 3-- 12 inch pieces of paper twist ribbon of selected color
  • 1-- 4 inch piece of paper twist of selected color
  • 1-- 12 inch piece of white paper twist ribbon

Optional Materials:

  • tacky glue
  • doll hair
  • black paint for facial features
  • something for angel to hold


    1. Unravel all of the paper twist ribbon pieces.
      If you want angel to have hair glue it on.
      If you want angel to have facial features, put them on wooden piece with black paint.
      Let hair and paint fully dry before putting head onto body.
    2. Take the three 12" pieces of ribbon and place on top of each other.
      Take white piece of ribbon and fold ends so they meet at the center point for wings.
      Take 4" piece of ribbon and roll to make sleeves.
      Place sleeves on top of wings.
      Place those on top of the three 12' pieces just below center.
      Fold the top part of three piece over the sleeves and wings.
    3. Take the pipe cleaner and cut off a 2 inch piece.
      Take the longer piece and put round the paper twist making a waist for the angel.
      Twist in back.
      Take ends and twist together to make a hanger for angel.
    4. Take the 2" piece of pipe cleaner and twist together ends forming a circle.
      Glue the circle on top of wooden piece to form halo.
      Glue wooden piece onto the angel's body with a generous amount of glue.

Hints, Tips and Friendly Advice:

  • If you like, you can add something for the angel to hold. I have added wooden chalkboards for teachers and "Green Angels" poem for Girl Scout Leaders and golden crosses for religion teachers.
  • They are really easy and fast to make, especially if you have to make a bunch of them at a time.
    You can do one in ten minutes, 50 in a day!

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