Wallpaper Crafts

Junior Leader
Oregon, USA

Craft ideas: using a box such as a baking soda box, form a bag shape over the box, gluing down the flaps.. Slip it off the box and cut top edge with fancy scissors. You can punch holes in and thread handles. Pretty!

You can form wallpaper into fans by accordion pleating, then gathering one edge. Fasten that edge with a needle threaded with heavy thread, then cover joint by gluing on small silk flowers, etc. Beautiful for wall decorations or tree decor depending on size.

Wallpaper makes beautiful beads. You cut it in strips like thin pennants, spread with clear glue and roll up over a pencil, nail, or straw. After it starts to set, slip it off and set aside to dry. Shellac or varnish for protection and shine, or just coat with another layer of clear drying glue. See also Paper Beads.

I am also thinking that wall paper would make a wonderful matting material for picture frames, cutting out shapes to make collage frames within inexpensive frames.

Another thought would be covering and lining the inside pages of book covers you make yourself out of cereal cardboard.

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