Paper Plate Weaving

Pat Broe
Junior Troop 290, SU Service Team Brownie Consultant & Camporee Committee
Spar & Spindle Girl Scout Council
Massachusetts, USA

For yarn baskets:

The size of the basket will be determined by the size of the plate used. Trace a circle in the center of the plate. This will form the bottom of the basket.

Cut at one inch intervals inward around the the edge to the line marked by the circle. Fold the cut strips upward at the circle. This is your basket frame.

Now cut pieces of yarn about a a yard long. Starting at the circle at the bottom, weave the yarn inward and outward around the strips. Keep going until you run out of yarn and leave the ends on the inside of the basket. Cut another piece of yarn You can chose differnt colors to make a pattern. Push the yarn down as you work your way around so that the weaving will be tight and the plate will not show. Finish by tucking the yarn ends into the woven part so that they do not show.

You can make a cover for your basket by tracing around the top of your basket onto another plate. Allow a little extra for a good fit. Cut the plate about an inch larger and cut around the edge again at one inch intervals. Fold upward as before. Weave inward and outward through the strips. Finish as before. When you put the cover on top, the bottom of the plate will now become the top. Girls can write their names and decorate the top with markers or fabric paints.

To make necklaces (These make cute name tags for events):

Cut smaller circles. Do not fold the cut strips upward, just weave in and out around the edges. Decorate the centers as you wish - with stickers, markers, fabric paints or even a photo cut out. Cut a piece of yarn long enough to go around girl's head and tie to circle.

To make pencil cup holders:

Use a plastic soda bottle as a base. Cut off the top (save to be used as bubble blowers, scoops, funnels, etc.) Cut the strips downward at one inch intervals. Weave in and out as before.

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