Owl Adoption

Debbie Palecek
British Columbia, Canada

Our Brownies were looking for a way to spend their Christmas bazaar money on several service projects.  One that really interested the girls was we adopted two great horned owls from the OWL (Orphaned Wildlife) Rehabilitation Society.

We received a letter and photograph of Boris and Blinkey, two adult male great horned owls.  Boris has a full right wing amputation and Blinkey has a partial wing amputation.  Boris has been at OWL since 1986 and Blinkey since 1983.  They have a spacious outdoor cage and swimming pool.  Boris and Blinkey are not only used for the educational program but have also been used as surrogate parents for any juvenile great horned owls that come in.

Our owls live an hour and a half away from us and we hope to visit them this year.

You can reach OWL by writing:

OWL Rehabilitation Society
3800 72nd Street
Delta BC V4K 3N2
Telephone (604)946-3171
Fax (604) 946-3172

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