Kick the Can

JoAnne Conway
1st Lakeside Heights Pathfinders
Pointe Claire, Quebec

Around our house Kick the Can is a favourite.
It's basically a hide-and-seek game with a twist.

Home Base is a tin can or similar object. (plastic food tubs are quieter than metal ;-)

One person is "IT". Players are given set boundaries.

Other players go off and hide, while IT counts (to whatever). The players try to get back to base before IT does. When IT spots a player they both race back to base - whoever gets there first kicks the can. If IT kicks the can before the player does, that player is out for the round, but IT keeps looking for the others. If one of the other player manages to kick the can before IT does, she has then "freed" any others who were caught before. Play would then resume with the same IT. If IT manages to get to the can before all other players (meaning she has caught them all), the first person who was caught in that round is then IT. When we play, we set a limit as to how many times a person can be IT in a row (usually 3).

My kids and their friends love organizing what they call "Midnight Kick the Can", which is really Kick the Can after dark. They all try to dress in dark clothing, making it easier to hide in choice spots without being seen. It's actually less "hiding" than stalking and lurking, if you know what I mean.

Ranger/Pathfinder Guider
Mackenzie, BC
Kids around here like to play "Mission Impossible" after dark.... The "sniper" (it) has a flashlight, everyone else tries to stalk their way home to the base without getting caught (flash-lit) by the sniper. Dark clothes are a must, and no "sweeping" the flashlight allowed -- it only goes on when a sound is heard...

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