Kim's Games

Jane Maddin
1st Orleans Pathfinders
Orleans, Ontario

Kim's games, the idea for them comes from Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book.

There are a batch of variations, some of which I learned at a training in Germany that I took when our annual trainers came over from Canada to teach us; some of which I have seen used at various parties since I was a kid and a couple of which I saw in MacScouter's Big Book of Games, vol.2 (I got access to the MacScouter's Big Book of Games on the Web. Jennifer Walker has a link to the site on her pages! I heartily recommend them if you have web access.)

Basic Kim's Game

Equipment: a tray with 20 small articles (may be related by theme!)
Pencil and Paper for each person
A watch or timer.
Category: Indoor, quiet
Number who may play: any number
Age: guides and up.

Uncover the tray and hold each article up, while naming it so that they whole group sees each thing and hears its name separately. Cover the tray after 2 minutes and allow the group 5 minutes to write the names of as many of the 20 objects as they can remember.

Scoring: One point for each correct article in their list.

Flying Saucer Kim's Game

Have a bag instead of a tray, with your 20 objects in it. You need two Guiders for this. One person takes the article out of the bag and tosses it to the other Guider, who holds it up, names it and puts it in their bag (or throws it back to the bag holder, which ever works for you). After all the objects have done their flying saucer act the girls have 5 minutes to record as many of them as they can. Scoring as above.

Mime Kim's Game

This is a camping game. In the bag have a list, which the girls can not see of 20 camping related articles. Reach into the bag, and one at a time mime the action of taking out and using 20 articles that you would have a camp, i.e. a flashlight, matches, etc. After you have done all 20 actions the children see how many they can remember. Scoring as above.

Hearing Kim's Game

This version requires some preparation and a tape player. Make a cassette tape of 10 sounds that you would hear. This could be 10 nature sounds, or 10 city sounds, or a mixture of the two. Unlike the above versions, the girls record what they think they are hearing as they hear them. So, you play your first sound, and the girls are given 10 seconds to write down what they think it is, then you play the second sound, etc. Scoring as above.

Smelling Kim' Game

10 baggies with wet sponges that have been soaked in vinegar, maple syrup, coffee, orange pop, water, ketchup, mustard, etc, are lined up and numbered. The girls smell the contents of each bag and immediately mark down their conclusion. The bags need to be covered so that the girls do not get hints by colours, or textures.

This one can also be a tasting game, each girl tastes with a drop of the liquid put on her tongue with a tooth pick. For reasons of health, a tooth pick is only used once and never dipped into a bag a second time. Salted water and sugar water can also be used for the tasting version. Scoring is the same as above.

Feeling Kim's Game

This is done much the same way, with textures being the thing guessed. Cooked spaghetti, a bag of elastics, macaroni noodles, peeled sectioned oranges, sand, raw diced carrots, etc. In between each feeling there may need to be a place to rinse your hands. Or you could use latex gloves for each person. Immediately after feeling something they could record their guess, someone could be taking dictation for this! Scoring as above.