Kiwi Fruit Fridge Magnet

Jo-Anne Griffiths
Levin, New Zealand


  • green and brown felt,
  • brown pompom,
  • 1 pipe cleaner cut in half,
  • magnet
  • PVA glue
  • 2 wobbly eyes.


  1. Cut small leaf shapes (3 to 5) and a mouth out of green felt
  2. Cut 4 mitten shapes and 4 Gumboot shapes out of brown felt
  3. Paint seeds etc onto mouth with black and white paint (or felt tip pen)
  4. One either end of a pipecleaner glue 2 gumboots together with pipecleaner end inside
  5. Repeat with mittens on the other pipecleaner
  6. Glue legs, arms and finally magnet onto the back of the pompom
  7. Glue leaves, eyes and mouth onto the front of the pompom.

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