Sandy Keeney
Cadette Troop 497
Mid-Continent Girl Scout Council
Kansas City, Missouri, USA

For a night hike, we made lanterns using those big gallon cans from the school cafeteria (the same size we use for vagabond stoves).
  1. Lay the can on its side.
  2. Straighten out a coat hanger, and using a wire cutter, snip off about an 18" length.
  3. Punch two holes in the can, one near the forward edge (the open end of the can) and one in the back (bottom).
  4. Put the ends of the hanger piece in these holes and bend them back to hold them in place; this is your lantern handle.
  5. Light a candle and drip a little wax on the bottom of the lantern (the side of the can) and stick the candle in it.
Now you have a lantern like they used to use in the "old days" before batteries! Well, sort of. :-) Then take the girls on a heritage hike, where they can imagine they are scouting the woods as the pioneers did (be careful how you approach this one, or it'll be too "kid"), or along a lake, where the candles reflect nicely on the water, or to a cave and go spelunking.

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