... Latrine

Joyce Halbauer
Junior Leader, Cadette Leader, Senior Leader

I had first year Cadettes that were Program Aides when I was CIT Director years ago at Resident Camp who did this song and then I taught it to my own Cadet and Senior girls. They really liked it. My now Seniors bridging to Adults still know it and sing it when asked. They do it as a song at the fire circle.....with movements, holding nose etc.

Verse 1

When I wake up in the morning and I gotta go pee.............LATRINE
See'n everybody staren at me........LATRINE
When I wake up at night and gotta go # 2........LATRINE
See the rats and mice (pause) doin it too.


I got Latrines on my mind
As I wipe my behind
Latrine, Um those stinky things
Um latrine, Um those stinky things

Verse 2

On a Monday Hey! Hey!
On a Tuesday and a Wednesday Hey! Hey!
On a Thursday and a Friday Hey! Hey!
On a Saturday and Sunday Hey! Hey!

Repeat Chorus

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