Leader Goals Contract

Betsy Woodford

Setting goals is a good way to provide a focus for the year's Scouting activities. While the girls should play a role in deciding the activities for the year, the leader should provide guidance and that guidance can meet certain goals. Do you want to increase the girls' social skills? Get them to plan more troop activities? Enlist more parent support? Try a badge in an area you've never tried before?

Take a moment to review the mission statement of Girl Scouting and the leader job description. Then, fill in the blanks below, in as simple or complex a way as you wish.


My goals for the year are:

In program areas (badges, try-its, interest patches


In developing the girls' self potential


In the girls' relating to others


In the girls' leadership/democratic skills


Any new activity you want to try?


Add an Girl Scout event/activity the troop has never done before?


Enlist more parent support?


Any other goals not specifically listed?


(This sheet will be given back at the May or June Service Unit meeting, so you can see how your year compared to your goals, and so that you can set goals for next year.)



Leader for Troop No. ___________________