Letters of Congratulation from the White House

Sandy Keeney
Cadette Troop 497
Mid-Continent Council, Kansas City, MO

For those of you who are interested in getting letters of congratulations from the White House, here's the address:

The White House
Greetings Office
Room 39
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

In addition to Eagle and Gold Awards, they will also send letters for newborns, weddings, adoptions, birthdays for those 80 and older, wedding anniversaries for 50 years and over, and condolences and get-well messages where appropriate. Make your request in writing, and include your phone number and any special mailing instructions. Allow 4-6 weeks for response.

I sent in a request for my mom's 80th birthday. She got a VERY nice card, cream with a gold border, embossed, similar to a wedding invitation only a bit larger, signed by the President. (Does he really sign all those things? Where does he find the time? <g>) She was thrilled! Even though she doesn't care much for Mr. Clinton - and all her friends at her apartment house teased her about switching her politics! :-)