Hot Dog Cooker

used by permission
from Guidestuff
Summer 1992, Number 103


Hot Dog Cooker

Materials Required:
double sheet of newspaper
a 1 litre carton from milk or orange juice
2 hot dogs
tin foil


Make sure you do this in a fire pit!

1.  Twist 1 sheet of newspaper into a long rope and push into milk carton with a bit hanging out
2.  Wrap hot dogs in foil and put in carton
3.  Push 1 sheet of newspaper in around foil wrapped hot dogs
4.  Close top of carton, making sure the wick (twisted newspaper) is sticking out
5.  Light the wick

When the carton and newspaper has burned away, the hot dogs are ready to eat (as soon as the foil is cool enough to handle)


Used by permission from Guidestuff, Summer 1992, Number 103

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