How It All Began (A Pea Soup Game)

used by permission
from Guidestuff
Fall 1987, No. 84


How It All Began (A Pea Soup Game)

Players are divided into teams of four.
The teams stand behind a line, with a chair for each team about 3 metres in front of the line.
A leader reads the following story.

When she reads certain names (Robert Baden-Powell, Agnes Baden-Powell, Olave Baden-Powell, Boy Scouts) the players with that name, run up, around their chair and back to their place in the team.
When the leaders reads "Girl Guides" or "Girl Scouts", all of the players run up, in team formation, around the chair and back to their place behind the line.
The first players in each team are told that their name is "Robert Baden-Powell" (ask the first players to raise their hands, to be sure they know their position).
The second players in each team are told that their name is "Agnes Baden-Powell", the third players are "Olave Baden-Powell"; and the fourth players are "Boy Scouts". 
Establish which side the players are to run around the chairs (to avoid collisions). 
Remind the players they all run when "Girl Guides" or "Girl Scouts" is read.

The Story:

Robert Baden-Powell was a well known soldier.  When he came back from the wars, early this century, he thought it would be a good idea to teach boys to be Boy Scouts.  So, in 1907, he ran a camp on Brownsea Island for all sorts of boys.  Then he wrote down his ideas for youth clubs to use.  The ideas were such fun, that lots of boys wanted to be Boy Scouts. 
In 1909 there was a big rally at the crystal Palace, in England. More than 11,000 Boy Scouts came to the rally.  Robert Baden-Powell was surprised and pleased.  
After the Boy Scouts marched by, there was a small group of girls with hats, whistles and belts, just like the boys. Robert Baden-Powell asked "Who are you?"  They replied "We are the Girl Scouts!"  Robert Baden-Powell said "There aren't any Girl Scouts." "Yes, there are", the girls replied, "because we are them!"
So, Robert Baden-Powell talked with his sister, Agnes Baden-Powell and they decided to start a club for girls, and they called it Girl Guides. In 1910, the Girl Guides began. Agnes Baden-Powell was very enthusiastic and worked very hard with the Girl Guides.
The King of England asked Robert Baden-Powell to give up his army work and just organize the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides.
Two years later he married, and his wife was Olave Baden-Powell later was called "World Chief Guide".  
So, now you know how Boy Scouts started in 1907 and how Girl Guides started in 1910.  You also know that Robert Baden-Powell, his sister Agnes Baden-Powell, and his wife, Olave Baden-Powell were the founders of the Boy Scout and Girl Guide movements.


Used by permission from Guidestuff, Fall 1987, No. 84

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