No-Sew Panti-Hose Doll

used by permission
from Guidestuff
Summer 1992, Number 103


No-Sew Panti-Hose Doll

  1. Cuts legs off panti-hose approximately 40 cms down from waist.  Save the legs for step 9.
  2. Turn panti-hose inside out and tie a tight knot at the bottom of each leg.  Turn right side out.
  3. Make 2 rolls of polyester quilt batting, approximately 18 cms long, to stuff the legs.  Insert the rolls carefully into the legs
    (because panti-hose fabric is so stretchy, you can't push the stuffing in as you would with a firmer fabric - you must roll the stuffing into the shape you want and insert it gently into the panti-hose).
  4.  Make a fatter roll of the batting, approximately 18 cms long, and insert it into the panti-hose to form the doll's body.
  5.  For a round roll of batting for the head and insert it on top of the roll for the body.
  6. Gather the elastic waist part of the pant-hose up and tie it tightly with a piece of yarn.  This forms a "bow" on top of the head.
  7. Tie another piece of yarn between the head and the body to form the neck.  Don't tie too tightly or the doll's head will be floppy.
  8. Make feet by tying pieces of yarn around the ankles.
  9. Make rolls of batting approximately 16 cms long to stuff the arms.  Insert them into the feet of the panti-hose which you cut off in step 1.
  10. Cut the top end of the panti-hose arm down as far as the batting, so that you have two sections to tie the arm onto the doll's body.
  11. Tie the arms to he doll, using the cut ends.  Tie them, one on each side, around the neck.  Tuck the knots inside the arms so that they don't show.  
    Make hands by tying yarn around the wrists.
  12. Make hair by tying strands of yarn around the "bow", as shown.  The strands of hair are tied around the "bow", using a separate piece of yarn each time.  The side hair is tied in the middle.  The back hair is tied so that there short pieces of yarn to form the bangs.
  13. Draw a face with felt-tipped markers. (If you wish you could make bangs both at the front and the back of the doll's head, and draw a sleeping face on the back).
  14. Make a dress from knit fabric that doesn't fray.  Sew under-arm seams.  Turn the dress right side out.  Cut a small hole for the neck. (the doll's head is soft enough to squeeze through).
  15. Buttons, a belt, etc. can be added, as you wish.


Used by permission from Guidestuff, Summer 1992, Number 103

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