Linked Together

Winifred McGee
Leader, Cadette GS Troop 1957
Hershey, Pennsylvaniay

This patch program was created to help bridge the miles between two or more troops. This program must be worked with another troop in a different service area, state or country.

All requirements must be shared with your patch program partners. This sharing can be done by written correspondence, audio cassette, e-mail or video recording.

1) Correspond with the members of another troop at least twice per month for at least six months.

2) World of Out of Doors

Daisies (kindergarten level) and Brownies (Grades 1-3): Do a three hour day outing which includes three nature activities.

Juniors (Grades 4-6), Cadettes (Grades 7-9) and Seniors (Grades 10-12): Plan and carry out a week end campout. Include five nature activities.

3) World of Today and Tomorrow

Answer the following question, discuss your answers.

"How do you think Girl Scouting/Guiding will have changed by the year 2000?"

4) World of People

Pick a Country

Experience their lives:

1) What do they wear
2) What do they eat
3) How do they live
4) What type of music do they listen to
5) Sample of games, language and famous people

Make or bring in items from that country.

5) World of Art

Gather information about your city, county, country. Write a information paper.

1 page for Daisies and Brownies
2 pages for Juniors
3 pages for Cadettes and Seniors

Make a friendship pin swap or;
Collect pictures of your city and create placemats, trade with your partner troop then donate placemats to school, nursing home or hospital.

6) World of Well Being

Plan a fun night activity include:

1) safe entertainment
2) a well balanced snack
3) use environmentally safe or recyclable supplies
4) do one activity that helps girls realize the special needs of others.

7) Service Project

Contact a local agency, ask how you can assist them. Donate your time or talents helping with their needs.

8) Face to Face Meeting with Your Partner Troop

Plan and execute a face to face meeting with your partner troop ideally meeting would be great. But in the event that this is not feasible, plan the exact activity and then video record it and swap videos.

We hope you all gain a special appreciation of each other and the places we live. Have fun and make new friends.

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