Ideas for Researching Unfamiliar Countries

Anytime I need info on foreign countries, the first thing I do is call the local university. Contact the department of international student affairs, or international student organization. A college student may be willing to give first hand information on home, or even be willing to loan things out, share ideas and thoughts, be a speaker, or request items from home. For Thinking Day passports, maybe their family could mail them a sheet or so of the country's cheapest postage stamp, like our 1 cent stamp for example. Invite them as "part" of your set up. Many times they'll arrive in ceremonial attire. Free food is a marvelous motivator for college students. Plus, students know their country's history, what's going on today, and they're not so old that the kids can't relate to them!

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May I suggest to those doing countries you do not know a lot about that you check out National Geographic.  You can get good info about modern dress and customs.  They also have a web site,

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Clare Zimmerman
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