Animal Pictures

As an alternative to a coloring book page...we made this stuff ahead... Our troop made crayons by melting old crayons into an old muffin tin (matching
reds, blues, etc.), sprayed lightly with Pam (a non-stick cooking spray, available in the US). They took poster board (the 1/4 size sheets) in bright colors and drew in pencil the pictures of animals from Australia (can be adapted to any country or subject), copied from coloring books, magazines, or encyclopedias.  (They can be traced and blown up on a copier, if the girls don't like to draw freehand.) Then they traced the outlines in puffy paint in colors to match the poster board, so the picture was not obvious. We also added the name of the animal. Let dry thoroughly. These poster boards were taped to a table. Then they handed out white paper to the young scouts who came to their table and could pick one or two pictures to do a crayon rubbing of. The wide crayons
made it easy for their little hands and they loved seeing the pictures of the animal appear!

Contributed by:
Lisa Varner

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