Bookmark and Pin/Swap idea

I thought we'd make bookmarks or pins with the pictures of Australian (since we're doing Australia--sub in whatever country you are doing) animals on them.  I thought of printing out the Australian Guide symbol and gluing it at the top of the bookmark, possibly printing out in small print the Australian Guide Promise and gluing it under the sign, and then one animal picture under the promise.

OR, printing out either different animals graphics, the country's flag, or the Guide symbol and gluing them onto circles of foam and gluing a pin on the back of the craft foam for a pin/swap.

I may even use only the Australian Guide pin for my troop and the others get either the flag or animal pins.

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First Class Badge 1971 GSCAB, Junior/Cadette leader, Delegate, Apprentice Trainer, Outstanding Volunteer Award 1998, Service Unit Team Member for Programs and Training.

PS. As it turns out, I printed out the Australian Guide symbol and the Promise (didn't find any really good animal graphics--only koala) and we put a Guide symbol on either side of the Promise (Promise went in the middle of the bookmark).  I'm still thinking of doing the pins for my troop though.

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