Quick and Easy Flag Swap

(Although this description is a swap for India, you can use any flag for this swap idea!)

My daughters Brownie troop did India for Thinking Day a couple of years ago. What we did was make a page on the computer of the flag of India. The flag was very small- maybe 3/4 in x 1 inch. Then copy/pasted it enough to fill the page, leaving a little space between each flag. Then we printed enough copies to get the number of flags we needed. Only two or three pages probably.

Cover each sheet with clear Contact paper on both sides, taking care to smooth out the wrinkles and air pockets. Cut out each flag. Then we used low temp
glue guns to glue tiny pin backs. Instead of using the glue, you can just use tiny safety pins and poke them through a corner of the flag.

Contributed by:
Michele Chester
Brownie Leader, Junior Co-Leader, Service Unit Team Member
Girl Scouts of Mid-Continent Council, USA

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