Life-Size Brownies

This is something I did with my Brownie Pack back in England (7-10 year olds) leading up to Thinking Day a couple of years ago. On the back of three strips of wallpaper, I drew around the smallest Brownie in the Pack. We then chose three countries (US, China and Germany in our case), and I drew the uniforms of the Brownies of those countries onto the outlines. We then painted the uniforms and cut out a hole where the face was. The final part was to pose for various photos, with different Brownies becoming Brownies from either the US, Germany or China by putting their faces through the holes in the pictures.

A lot of these Brownies had been in the Pack since Thinking Day the previous year, so had already heard my "talk" about what Thinking Day is, how there are Brownies in lots of countries around the world, looked at posters of uniforms, and so on. But by doing this painting, they seemed to suddenly realize that there were not just Brownies in England, and that they also wear different uniforms. Suddenly they were interested and asking me questions, instead of the other way around! It worked !! :-) But they weren't 'alf messy with the paint ...

Contributed by:
Liz Watts
Junior and Cadette/Senior Co-Leader, California, USA
Ex Guider and Adviser, UK

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