People Bingo

Collect signatures for all the squares. They must all be different names. Find someone who:

Knows where her Area's World Centre is.
Knows which building's design includes the Promise and Law.
Knows which World Centres have swimming pools.
Knows where you might wear a Sari.
Knows where you might have a fiesta.
Knows where you might choose to go up-up-up or schuss down.
Knows where you would say hello at two World Centres.
Knows which is the newest World Centre.
Knows which World Centre is at the same address as the World Bureau.
Knows the mailing address of a World Centre.
Knows which World Centre has a Welcoming Lamp.
Knows which is the oldest World Centre.

Contributed by:
Quebec City, Canada

This activity makes a good ice-breaker.

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