Rainbow / Daisy 'Story' with Actions

This is a 'story' I wrote for a Daisy troop I visited in California to teach them something about Guiding in the UK. The idea was that every time I said the words in block capitals, they would do the appropriate actions. It can quite easily be changed to fit your home country and the country you are learning about for Thinking Day (or any other International event).

This particular Daisy troop actually found remembering all the different actions quite difficult. With hindsight, I think it would have been better to have had different groups doing one action each, and then swapping actions so that they all got a turn of having the word 'world' which was by far the favorite!

WORLD = stand up, turn around, and sit down again.
GIRL SCOUTS = Make Girl Scout sign and say "On my honor".
DAISIES = Say, "that's me!"
RAINBOWS = Put hand on forehead as if you are looking into the distance, and say "from England".

Did you know that there are GIRL SCOUTS in 136 different countries around the WORLD? Thinking Day is when we think about GIRL SCOUT troops all over the WORLD. In England, DAISIES are called RAINBOWS. Girls who are 5 or 6 years old can be RAINBOWS. RAINBOWS like to help other people, play games, make things, sing, and learn how to do new things. Just like DAISIES! RAINBOWS also learn about GIRL SCOUTS in other countries around the WORLD for Thinking Day. Aren't we lucky to have GIRL SCOUT friends all over the WORLD!

Written by:
Liz Watts
Junior and Cadette/Senior Co-Leader, California, USA
Ex Guider and Adviser, UK

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This page last updated February 7th, 1998