More Ideas for WAGGGS Activities

The following activities were used as part of a Guide International Day. The activities counted towards the World Guiding Badge, and were designed as activities to fill in the time in between 'visiting' countries.

1. What does WAGGGS stand for?  They will play a bowling game with the letters on the pins. Also at this station a ring toss game with the 5 WAGGGS regions on the pins (Washing up liquid bottles - been used for many different themes!)

2. Show WAGGGS countries on a map. We have small flags on toothpicks and a large world map mounted on styrofoam. Each group will try to put on about 24 flags.

3. Similarities and Differences among 5 member countries of WAGGGS. We will look at posters about Guiding in each of the countries they will visit, and then play a match up game comparing the laws from these countries with the Canadian laws.

4. Canadian World Friendship Fund. They will make little banks while discussing where the money goes.

5. World Pin - Actually we are doing the World Flag and are playing a Dice relay game. I have made up some sets of bristol board flags and they have to roll the right number to make the whole flag. On the chart of numbers to roll I have also put the meanings so hopefully they will learn these as they play.

Contributed by:
Linda Pullen
Pictou Area Camp and International Adviser
NS, Canada

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