Aborigine Art

Our troop learned about Australia for Thinking Day and had a wonderful time. We made Aborigine Art out of brown paper bags (as substitute for tree bark). Using black, white, yellow and red crayons (colors used in aborigine art), the girls drew a fable about a subject in nature relating to them. For example, I drew that I was the sun, and the first graders were daisies (because they were in my daisy troop the year before). The second graders were the stems supporting the daisies, and the third graders were the soil. We all sat around and listened to the illustrator share their fable in groups as the aborigines do. It was very simple, very cheap, and taught the girls about the authentic customs of art and story telling in Australia.

We also made Australian animal sock puppets (wallaby, kookaburra, crocodile, koala, and platypus) and sang the kookaburra song.

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(Courtesy of Chris Welch and the Girl Scout Resource Center)

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