Sheep Dog Trials - a Game from Australia

Sheep are very important to Australia's economy - in fact Australia produces about 35% of the world's wool.

Girls stand in relay lines with two balloons immediately in front of each line. Also in front of each team are sheep pens outlined with rope, with the openings on the far side.

One player from each team stands at the starting line holding a cardboard flipper (the sheep dog). The two balloons in front of each team are the sheep (each team should have a different color of balloons). On the word "go", each player uses the cardboard to flip her sheep, one at a time, down the course and into the pen through the entrance. The player who gets two sheep in the pen first scores a point for the team.

The sheep are positioned back at the starting line and the next player on each team has a try. The sheep may only be flipped with the cardboard and not touched in any other way. If a sheep is flipped into the pen other than through the entrance, it must be flipped out again and penned in the proper manner. The team that scores the most points after each member has had a turn is the winner.

Contributed by:
Brenda Royer
Cadette Leader, San Fernando Valley Girl Scout Council, California

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