Cuddly Koalas - a Song from Australia

Our Senior Girl Scout Troop attended a session at Our Chalet. Also in attendance were eight dynamic Australian Guiders. Among the many things we learned from them was a fun action song sung to the tune of "Frere Jacques".

Cuddly Koalas,
Cuddly Koalas.
Possums, too,
Possums, too.
Wallabies and Wombats,
Wallabies and Wombats.

ACTIONS: Repeat actions with each phrase
Koala - Cross arms like hugging something and swing torso left and right at waist.
Possums - Hold hands up to eyes like looking through eye glasses.
Wallabies - Hold hands up in front like "doggie paws"
Wombat - Move "doggie paws" in a digging motion
Kangaroos - Hold hands up in front like "doggie paws", then on "roos" syllable, hop and bend forward at waist and push paws forward in hopping motion.

Contributed by:
Greta Cornish
Sr. Troop Leader, San Diego, California

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