Atlantic Canadian Foods

What a way to start a morning. I woke up, turned on the 'pooter, poured a cup of tea, and what's the first message to come off my e-mail? Barb's with all the YUMMY foods! (sigh). So I had to go back and make myself breakfast before reading any further (no sense in drooling on the keyboard...)

Anyhow! Thought I'd add a few more items to the Great Canadian Food Fest, from my summer home on Deer Island:

1) Lobster Rolls. I have no idea if they do this in the States too. But a lobster roll is basically lettuce, mayo, and cold cooked lobster meat on a hot dog bun. They're OK but I think I'd like them better if it was a warm sandwich! (and you know it's an authentic east coast food because the McDonald's around here sell lobster rolls in season)

2) Scallop Burgers. Again, I guess these are available because it's so easy to get fresh seafood. Take 5 or 6 deep-fried scallops and put them on a hamburger bun, top with (I think) tartar sauce, lettuce and cheese. Yummy but if you're watching your fats and cholesterol, I'd avoid them!

3) Mozza Fries. Had those last week... they're essentially poutine. The restaurant I was at served the fries with turkey gravy instead of the normal poutine gravy, and I think I liked them better!

4) Fiddleheads. These are baby ostrich ferns. Taste like Brussels sprouts, but are good when extra fresh and served in a butter sauce.

Contributed by:
Becky Vincent
Guelph area Guider-at-Large

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