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The Association's main objective is to help French speaking Canadian girls and women to grow morally, intellectually, spiritually, socially and physically according to the principles and methods established by the Founder of Girl Guides, Lord Baden-Powell of Gillwell.

The Association has as its mission "to help young girls develop their characters, become active and responsible citizens in their country as well as in the world, and experience the joy of rendering service to others."  It accomplishes its objectives through active participation, teamwork, like in the wilderness, and diversity of acquired skills, along with the help of competent and responsible adults committed to the service of youth.

Relationship with Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada

Guides franco-canadiennes was officially affiliated with Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada in June 1995.  The roots of Guides franco-canadiennes go back to Girl Guides of Canada's 1962 affiliation with Guides catholiques du Canada (secteur francaise).

The 1995 affiliation agreement, as did the 1962 agreement, grants Guides franco-canadiennes the right to autonomy in matters of program, training, appointment of officers and finance.  The programs, training and literature are designed to suit the particular needs of French speaking girls.  Guides franco-canadiennes also have their own uniform and insignia.

Guides franco-canadiennes adheres to the policies of Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada and are Members of Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada.  They have opportunities to participate on an equal footing with all other Members in national and international events, and are eligible for awards.

A Chief Commissioner's Committee composed of the Chief Commissioner, Guides franco-canadiennes' National Commissioner, and three Members of each Organization explore areas in which the two may co-operate and collaborate.

Guides franco-canadiennes currently have Members in four Provinces: Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia.



Etincelles aged 6 and 7 from a Unit of up to 20 girls called a farandole.  They strive to develop their five senses with their Motto "J'essaie et je decouvre," "I try and discover."  The program is based on the story of "Philo", a little flame that travels, discovers, meets with obstacles, finds solutions and helps others.  It awakens the imaginations of young girls.  Etincelles wear a bright yellow T-shirt, navy blue pants and an orange scarf.


Jeannettes aged 8, 9 and 10 form a Unit of up to 24 girls called a ronde and their program follows three paths through the "Blue Forest".  Along these paths, girls search for joy, discover it, and share it with others.  Jeannettes wear a blue blouse, navy blue pants and a light yellow scarf.

Jeannette Motto:
The best we can.

Jeannette Promise:
With your help, God my friend,
I promise to do my best
to love you, and to love my parents;
to observe the law of the pack and to do
someone a Good Turn every day.

Jeannette Law:
A Jeannette is clean and tidy
A Jeannette is cheerful
A Jeannette is active
A Jeannette tells the truth
A Jeannette is a friend to others.


A Guide group is called a compagnie and accepts up to 24 girls aged 11, 12 and 13. They practice teamwork which encourages each girl to be aware of herself and others and to develop her own personal capabilities.  Together with their leaders, they learn how to plan their adventure and to realize them.  Guides wear a white shirt with navy blue pants and a sky blue scarf.

Guide Motto:
Be Prepared.

Guide Promise:
With you all,
Trusting the Lord,
I undertake
to make others happier
to serve my country with boldness
and to share the ideal of all the Guides of the world.

Guide Law:
1. A Guide is truthful and cheerful.
2. A Guide is welcoming and sisterly.
3. A Guide is self-controlled.
4. A Guide overcomes difficulties.
5. A Guide loves nature.
6. A Guide lives and lets live.
7. A Guide deserves and gives her trust.
8. A Guide shares in the endeavors of all.
9. A Guide renders service.
10. A Guide learns to live with the Lord.


Kamsok is a word borrowed from the mountain people meaning "beyond the rock."  The mountain theme is reflected throughout the program of these 14 to 17 year olds.  The Kamsok chooses, prepares, carries out and evaluates challenging projects called escalades.  Their uniform is a beige shirt, navy blue pants and a bright red scarf.  Their Unit is called la cordee.

Kamsok Motto:
Be Prepared.

Kamsok Promise:
According to the gospel and the Kamsok spirit, I want to be demanding of myself, use my skills to serve the community and help build, with your help, a friendly and just world.

Kamsok Law:
1. I make the most of what I am.
2. I look for the good side of everything.
3. I let others know me.
4. I let others be themselves.
5. I engage in teamwork.
6. I am worth my word.
7. I am helpful in all occasions.
8. I respect nature.
9. I struggle for a just society.
10. I learn to live with God.


Six to fifteen Guides-ainees form a group called a carrefour which indicates a meeting point.  Their main objective is to engage in community work and service.  They wear a grey shirt, navy blue pants and a yellow and navy scarf.

Ainee Promise:
For her Promise, an Ainee can choose between the Kamsok Promise, a Promise she makes up with her own words, or words chosen by her carrefour.

All programs include a summer camp as culmination of the year's activities.  The older girls are also encouraged to camp in the winter.  Life at camp is made up of many activities related to the theme chosen for the camp, emphasizing teamwork.

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