Once you've learnt how to hold chopsticks, then try to eat something with them. (Mini marshmallows are fairly easy for beginners!)

Hint: it's easier to hold your bowl of food in the palm of your hand, just beneath your mouth - less distance to drop your food in!

Note: Never cross your chopsticks when you put them down, as Chinese people believe it will bring bad luck to your host.

Contributed by:
Liz Watts
Tres Condados Girl Scout Council, California, USA
Ex-Guider and Adviser, UK

An Idea for Children's Chopsticks.

When my daughter and I went to Epcot Center in Florida, we ate lunch in China.  One of the waiters showed her how to make children's chopsticks that really work. You take two chopsticks and you put them side by side.  You fasten the blunt ends together (not the end you will put in food) with a rubber band about ½" from the end.  The chop sticks should be lying together nicely.  Next you take a piece of paper (we used the paper the chop sticks came in but a business card will work) and you fold it up into a fat rectangle.  You push the paper rectangle between the two chopsticks down to the rubber band.  This forms a spring and the points are now apart.  Now squeeze your fingers to get the points to come together.  The girls now just need to worry about opening and closing the chopsticks, not keeping them together.  My 4 year old can use them too.

Contributed by:
Liz Perry
Tierra del Oro Council, Sacramento, California, USA

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