Chinese Jump Rope

For China we made a simple Chinese Jump Rope by taking a length of ½" elastic and tying it together with a square knot. (I think it was 6 ft. but I can't remember for sure - very cheap at Wal-Mart.)

Then we got a book from the library with the rules of the game and typed up the basics for the girls to take home. We demonstrated the game at the meeting and let the girls have several turns to jump and hold the "rope". They loved it.

We got Chinese take-out containers from a local restaurant and put in the ropes, instructions and a fortune cookie. Decorated the outside with pandas, ying-yang, Chinese characters, etc. It was fun to introduce the girls to something I liked to do as a child that has kind of gone by the wayside here.

The biggest compliment was when I went to help at school the next day and one of the girls brought hers and was eager to show her non scout classmates how to play.

Contributed by:
Susie, Girl Scout Leader, USA

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