Chinese New Year Festival Crafts

The New Year Festival is the most important event in the Chinese calendar. It usually takes place late January or early February. New Year's Day is traditionally followed by 15 days of festivities ending with a Lantern Festival which coincides with the appearance of the first full moon of the year. More recently, only three days are celebrated - New Year's Eve, New Year's Day and Kai Nien, the following day.

The following three craft ideas are all associated with the Chinese New Year celebrations.

Peach Blossom Trees.

Peach wood is an enemy of demons, and peach signifies longevity. Attach peach colored tissue paper flowers and pale green leaves to a twig. Put the twig in Plasticine in a yogurt pot.

Paper dragon.

The dragon symbolizes bravery, energy and wisdom. Cut two narrow strips of colored paper (approx. 70-80 cms long and 4 or 5 cms wide). Glue them together at the top in a V shape. Fold alternately into a concertina. Attach a head at one end and sticks at both ends. Traditional colors for the head are red, gold and green with lots of sequins. Make your dragon dance!

Chinese lantern.

Fold a rectangular piece of paper in half, lengthwise. Cut lots of slits perpendicular to the fold, most of the way across the paper, but not all the way. Open the paper, and bend it into a cylinder so that the two short ends meet. Glue them. Add a handle at the top. Add tassels on the bottom.

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