Game - I Sell Oil

The players crouch in a circle, facing inwards. One of the players holds a handkerchief in the folds of her skirt (or pocket) and walks behind them saying, "I sell oil, I sell honey, my master is dead, and I need money," or something similar, and bending down, pretending to drop the handkerchief behind one of them. If one of the sitters realizes that the handkerchief has actually been dropped behind her, she must jump up, run after the seller, and touch her.  If she catches the seller before the seller reaches her empty place, she wins and goes back and crouches in her own place, but if the seller is quick and reaches the empty place before being caught, she squats and the other one sells oil. If she is caught, she carries on selling until she is successful.

Note: we played this game many years ago in cubs, but we used a loosely wrapped tube of newspaper, and when the tube was placed in a persons hands (held behind them) they began smacking the person to their right on their behind. This woke the cub up, and he began running to avoid getting smacked further, until he reached the spot he came from.

Contributed by: Tiger
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