Our Booth representing Egypt

Our best program was two years ago. Each of the participating troops chose a country and had to supply a craft or game, a snack food, and a display. The leaders then told each group a little about the country and the Girl Scouts/Guides there while the girls got to try the snack and play the game or do the craft.

Our country was Egypt, and we had set up a booth with pictures and information. Earlier that day, the girls helped us make stuffed grape leaves (thank heaven for Middle Eastern delis) and cut cartouches out of construction paper. These were threaded on yarn, and the troops that visited us got to put their name on the cartouche in hieroglyphics. They all loved it! (though the grape leaves didn't go over very well!)

See food section for stuffed grape leaves.
(Cartouche = a scroll like ornamentation; oval ring enclosing name and title of Egyptian king)

Contributed by:
Jan McLaughlin
Sahuaro Girl Scout Council, Arizona, USA

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