As the girls arrive they will be given their passports colour coded into five groups. A Pathfinder will be their Tour Guide and she has the schedule of events for her particular group. Then they will join in a game of Lifeboats until everyone arrives. After Welcome and Introductions they will head out to their first port of call.


Japan -Girls will talk about kimonos and various Japanese items that they have. They will tell them a short Japanese legend about the stars and make a simple paper star ornament. They will try using chopsticks and sample some Japanese food. A friend of mine in Japan sent some little crispy fish snacks but I doubt many of the Guides will try them! The Japanese girls are planning to make some tempura.

Brazil - They will see a short video of Brazil and hopefully be taught a Brazilian dance. The Brazilian exchange student is a good dancer but unfortunately she hurt her knee skiing over March break, so we may have to go to plan B! Her snack will be Brigaderiros - a sweet chocolate ball.

Switzerland - The Swiss girl will talk a little about her homeland and has pictures and books to show them. The girls will get to male a miniature swiss flag with safety pins and beads and try chocolate fondue with cake and fruits.

Germany - Three German students will show some slides and tell something about Germany. They will teach some German words and a simple German song. Their snack is still under discussion - they want to make Apple strudel but we need it for about 100 people!

The last port is 'Land of the Dolls' (we had to add this because of numbers). Here they will make a small doll from the wooden ice cream spoons and dress it in a uniform from another country (World Guiding Badge). I think this idea came from the Canadian Guider magazine.

In between ports they will come back to the "ship" and play "deck games" - various items for the World Guiding badge - see 'More Ideas for WAGGGS Activities'.

In the passports, they will get a sticker for each country (I got some peel off the back fluorescent paper from a local printing company and printed up about 45 stickers per page - the paper for all of them only cost me $1!) Also in the passport are some questions relating to the World Guiding badge for them to fill in.

For the closing we will present badges and Thank You's to the students, then a quick round of Its A Small World (or Its A Small World with Guiding Verses) - and then ALL ASHORE!

Linda Pullen
Pictou Area Camp and International Adviser
NS, Canada

Do you have any other ideas for activities? Contact The GuideZone Team with your contributions, comments or suggestions!

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