Dancing Around the World

The Thinking Day celebration we had in our community (service unit) was called "Dancing Around the World".  There were 4 dance groups that we asked to send representatives.  They represented Lithuania, the Philippines, the Ho Chunk Nation (Native American), and Clogging (folk dancing).  The groups were set up in different stations around the school.

At first everyone gathered in the gym and the Community Chair welcomed them and talked a bit about Thinking Day and its significance to Girl Scouts.  Then she introduced the different groups and explained the behavior expected of the participants.  Next the group was divided up into 4 groups and led to their first station.  At that station the performers would tell history about themselves, demonstrate some dancing, music, artifacts, and then have the participants join in.  After half an hour, each group was led to their new station and things began anew.

We had somewhere around 150 participants. They all had a wonderful time.  Afterwards we served orange drink and popcorn in the cafeteria.  Everyone left with a smile on her/his face.  We limited this event to Girl Scouts and adult coverage for troops, as it was meant to be an energetic evening, and it was!  We would do it again in a minute!

Contributed by:
Kathy Soukup
Black Hawk Council, WI, USA

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