Celebration of Cultures in Family Background

Our plan this year for our second grade Brownies, is to have a cultural celebration with each child and their family asked to bring things from their own cultural and/or family traditions: foods, stories, items of clothing, jokes, dances, holiday traditions, etc. etc. The idea we had, which came during our basic leader training about multi-ethnicity, was that every girl, even the "plain vanilla" ones, have a cultural heritage; and ALL ought to be encouraged to be proud of that, not just the obvious black or Hispanic or Asian. I know that my own cultural traditions, German/Russian Mennonite, have been pretty much forgotten or ignored in our society. I don't "look" different at all so I must not have any ethnicity -- of course, that's not true, but that's how a little girl in American society nowadays would think. I think that the celebration of cultures all over the world, for a Brownie, most appropriately begins with their own family background.

Contributed by:
Anne Wiebe
Brownie Troop Leader, Lone Star Girl Scout Council, Austin, Texas, USA

Courtesy of:
Chris Welch and The Girl Scout Resource Center

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