Using "Flags" at Thinking Day / International Events

This year for Thinking Day, we are asking each troop to bring in a "flag" from their country 36"X44" on a 1" dowel that is 48" long. We will have an opening flag parade where the girls will line up alphabetically by country. We are doing this as a Multi Neighborhood event. This way, our girls have the exposure of so many more countries and cultures.

For duplicate countries, the younger troop level will go first. These girls will parade around the perimeter of the room and then stop at their booth/table. At each table, there will be a 3 lb. coffee can that has been previously filled with plaster paris and has a small piece of plastic pipe (with an inside diameter of just over one inch placed vertically in it). The girls will then place their flags in their "holders" and the rest of the festivities will begin.

Contributed by:
Susan E. Lucas
Junior Girl Scout Troop Leader
Hood River Neighborhood Program Consultant
Columbia River Girl Scout Council

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This page last updated January 8th, 1998