More Thinking Day / International Event Ideas

Our Service Unit has a Thinking Day gathering every year. The most popular is for each troop to represent a country and serve some type of food from that country. Whenever we try to move them away from food, it always gets mentioned in the evaluations as something to do next time. Last year, the girls did food and then every troop had to do teach a game from their country. We've also had song, skits, dances, swaps and displays done by each troop representing a different country.

During the 75th birthday year, instead of each troop doing a country, they did an decade from GSUSA. There were skits, songs, food, fashion shows and displays. My troop did a scene from the Girl Scout promotional movie that came out in 1918 (a silent film), called "The Golden Eaglet." We had a great time writing a script, designing costumes and a simple set, and making the dialog cards to be carried out and read out loud by the audience.

Contributed by:
Brenda Royer
Co-Leader, Cadette Troop, San Fernando Valley Girl Scout Council, California, USA

Last year we had fun at Thinking Day with a paper doll display. We traced a 6 year old girl and gave each troop their own. They "dressed" their girl in a uniform (using fabric, markers, paint or whatever) and we had a lovely paper doll display all holding hands. It was so neat!

Contributed by:
Junior Leader, Columbia River Girl Scout Council, Oregon, USA

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