Using "Swaps" at Thinking Day / International Events

Each year at our Thinking Day District Event, we have all the units bring swaps. Our Guides, Sparks through Pathfinders, are given about 20 minutes to exchange their swaps with the other girls at the event.

Prior to the event, the District decides on a theme which may dictate the nature of the swaps from each unit (i.e., for an International theme, each unit selected a country to represent and created a swap which was related to their country). Each girl in each unit should make 10 of each swap craft and is given a ziploc bag to keep and collect swaps labeled with her name. We allow time in our unit meetings a few weeks before Thinking Day to prepare our swaps.

Contributed by:
Suzanne Knowles (Rascal)
White Pine District, Ontario Division, Central Area

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This page last updated December 23rd, 1997