Thinking Day Tea

We always have a District Thinking Day celebration. Last year, we hosted a tea. Each girl invited two people ($3/person to cover hall rent, tea cake etc.).  Each Unit chose a member country of WAGGGS and made 2 table centerpieces representing that country, a flag to mount on the wall, several small flags to go on balloon strings and provided a short skit/song/dance from their country. The hall was decorated with helium filled (courtesy of a Guiding dentist) balloons on long ribbons to which the small flags were attached. The balloons were anchored with bricks. We borrowed uniforms from other countries and old Canadian uniforms and hung them on the wall along with the large flags from each of the units. The tables were laid with white cloths with yellow or blue napkins and a centerpiece. The head table had a large donated fresh flower arrangement that we stuck a few of the smaller flags in (on bamboo skewers). We invited local important women in Guiding (Area Commissioner, Division Commissioner etc.) to pour the tea and coffee. After the tea, the centerpieces were raffled off.

My Unit chose Greece.  The girls did a skit about Pandora's box. They made the costumes, props and sets.  The table arrangements were made of  blue and white artificial flowers in home-made blue card boxes that were decorated with Greek mosaic design made from small squares of white fun foam.

The whole event was a lot of work to plan but we got lots of compliments from the parents and honored guests so it was all worth it.  My girls really enjoyed doing their part.  All the girls also served the beverages and cake or ran the commercial dishwasher.

Contributed by:
Jillian Johnston
Pathfinder Guider, Tanisi District, Canada

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