Brownie Giggles

Brownie Enrolment Ceremony

Dori Byron - Fair Winds Girl Scout Council, Michigan, USA

I work in our In-School Girl Scouting program with Special Education girls in an inner city environment. We were doing the Brownie story and investiture last year with one of these groups. A young girl (about 9) was doing the "Twist me and turn me" part of the ceremony and came to the line "I looked in the water and saw a _______" she was so anxious to get it "right" that she said FISH.

Brownie Prayers

Liz Watts - Tres Condados Girl Scout Council, California, USA

As part of the activities one evening, one group were writing prayers. However, in our wisdom as leaders, none of us checked through the prayers before they were read in our closing ceremony. This was one of the prayers. We decided the Brownie had run out of ideas after a couple of lines. Dear God, Thank you for animals. For cows that give us milk, For chickens that give us eggs, And for pigs that give us pork chops. Amen

Sprite and SPROUTS!

Liz Watts - Tres Condados Girl Scout Council, California, USA

A new just-turned-seven year old Brownie had gone to her first meeting. She had done all of the usual Brownie stuff and become a member of the Sprite six. At home she told her parents about the meeting - the game they had played, the song they had sung at the beginning and end of the meeting and whatever else she had done, all in one breath. "And", she said, "I'm a SPROUT!"

Brown Owls and the colour Brown

Courtney Cutts - Brown Owl, 431st Brownies, Toronto, Ontario

When taking extra cookies to a Brownie's house, the Brownie followed me out the car to say good-bye. I was very touched until her mother explained that the Brownie wanted to see if I drove a Brown car! I guess Brown Owls live in brown houses, drive brown cars, and eat brown foods!

Christmas Wishes for the Elderly

Karen Lindsay, Brownie Leader, Michigan, USA

For Christmas we took our troop caroling at a nursing home. At the meeting before we went, the girls made cards for the elderly folks we would be visiting. Some of the cards had very unique messages. One girl wrote, "dear old person" inside it said, "hope you are feeling better soon!". Another one said, "To a special persin, Mary Crissmas!". I just hope the people who received them got as big a kick out of them as I did!

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