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Several years ago when I was a brand new Snowy Owl, we were holding our last meeting of the year.  One of the agenda items was emptying the lost & found box.  As all the girls were present, and nobody else used the meeting space, we knew that every item in the box belonged to somebody. The first item was presented and claimed; as were most of the remaining items.  One pair of mittens remained unclaimed.  "Who owns these mittens?" I asked.  Nobody claimed ownership.   Finally, from a small voice came "Those are Rachel's mittens."
So I approached Rachel; "Are these your mittens?" I asked her.
"No" came the reply.
"Are you sure?" I asked again
"Rachel, did you have a pair of mittens like these?"
"I used to." she replied  "But I lost them."

At the end of the night, our lost box was empty again

Ann Richey
1st. Bushell Park Guides, Sk

I had just arrived home from work, and my husband says to me "I got you a brownie today!".
"Oh!", says I, "that's great! Well done! How did you manage that?".
Blank look from hubby ...
Me: "did they just ring up today then?".
Confused look from hubby ...
Me: "how old is this brownie?".
My husband replied, somewhat indignantly, "I got it today!!!".
Me: "yes I know, but how old is she?".
Husband: "No, no, no!!! I got you a chocolate brownie when I went to get my lunch!!!"

Liz Watts
Tres Condados Girl Scout Council, California, USA
Ex Guider and Adviser, UK

I'm a Brownie Leader in Australia.  A few years back we were going to the snow, which from where we live is a 10 hour drive.  We were talking about it in pow wow and told the Brownies that we would be going in a coach.  One of the then 7 year olds wanted to know how many horses it would have.  I was at a total blank as to what she was talking about.  Luckily her older sister was in the unit and explained that she thought I meant a coach as in Cinderella.  It was extremely hard to keep a straight face.  It can still bring a smile to my face even now 6 years later.

Since two years ago when the girls were Daisies, I have been telling the girls that this is their troop and how special their troop number was. At that time, their ages were 5 and 6 years old, which were numbers in their troop number, #456. During the first year of Brownies, the girls turned 7 years old. One Brownie had just had her 7th birthday. At the next meeting, she said that since she turned 7, she couldn't stay in our Brownie troop. I said we would miss her and asked her why she had to leave. Her reply was, "Our troop number is #456, and I am 7."  I guess I went a little too far with our special troop number!!!

Patricia Becerra
Brownie #456, Tejas Girl Scout Council, Rowlett, Texas, USA

My sister and I take a Brownie Pack. One of our favourite activities (read - the one we like to do when we haven't planned anything else) is to have the Brownies on an aeroplane, it crashes and they land on a desert island. In their sixes they have to draw a map of the island and make up a story about what happened to them while they were there.

Of course, we end up with islands with treasure, mountains, volcanoes, marshes, crocodiles, rivers, hideaways, palm trees, and everything else you'd expect to find on a self respecting island hideaway.

One Brownie decided on caves in her section of the island. She drew them very carefully. "But why," we asked, in our innocence, "are the caves yellow?"

In all seriousness, she told us, "The cavemen left the light on!", and proceeded to draw a light bulb hanging from the roof.

(We also suspect she was too lazy to get up and get a black pen!!)

Kirsteen and Catriona Duffy
87th Strathmartine Brownie Pack, Dundee, Scotland.

One Christmas we took our Brownie Pack carol singing to our local old peoples hospital. Before they went, we made gifts and cards to take with us. One Brownie wrote on her card 'bye bye'- still makes me giggle now.
Brownie Leader, Edinburgh, Scotland.

One evening our Brownie Unit was to attend a variety show being put on by a local service club. As the Brown Owl, I was driving some of the girls to the show in my van. As only 7 & 8 year old girls can, they were busy swapping silly stories from school. One of the Brownies told a very funny story to which another responded, "Oh, God!".

The first Brownie was suddenly very concerned over the apparent blasphemy and promptly told the other girl that "she should NEVER use the Lord's maiden name".

I almost had to pull over so that I could laugh without driving off the road. When I had myself back under control I corrected her by saying that "she should NEVER take the Lord's name in vain!".

The girl's mother later had just as big a laugh as I did!

Laurel Kovacic

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