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We were camping and at night we have a couple of adults who are early tobed. They go to bed when the girls do, and a couple of adults who like tosit by the campfire and relax.  The tcc (troop camp consultant) had putout the fire, and we went to bed. We heard a loud noise, and the trash canthat you use to put by the fire pit was knocked over.  In the morning we looked around the pit and saw bear prints. We were surprised to see them, being a Girl Scout camp, and proceeded to clean the area around the pit.  New tracks seemed to appear, and we checked the bottom of our shoes for patterns, and my Reeboks had bear prints for a pattern. Needless to say, my IndianName became Great Bear, we laughed so hard and then saw the raccoon printsfor the animal that really knocked over the can.

Contributed by:
Chris Presnell

Out of this World Lats

We went on camp several years ago, and late one evening as the Guides were getting ready for bed, we heard a huge scream coming from the area of the
lats (toilets). Everyone rushed over to see what had happened to discover that one of the Guides had dropped her torch ... right into the lat which was now beautifully glowing from all sides.

We all thought this was hilarious, especially as the glow could be seen from outside the toilet tent making it look like some sort of UFO.

Contributed by:
4th Taplow & Hitcham Guides, England

The Mystery Lights

We went platform tent camping a couple years ago and shared the site with another troop. Their troop leader brought each person a glow in the
dark necklace (it gets really dark in the platform tents).

My co-leader put her necklace on like a headband and we went for a final trip to the latrine before retiring. From the next stall I heard her ask, "Do you see those lights? Where are they coming from? They are moving!".

Turns out, the glowing headband was making moving, waving, light colors around her stall as she moved her head! I never laughed so hard!

When we got back to our tent, I put mine on the corner of the platform tent. When I woke up, I thought it was a bit of sunlight coming in and time to get up. Wasn't I surprised to see it was still pitch black outside!!!

Contributed by:
Liz J
Senior Troop Leader, DuPage County Council, Illinois, USA

S'more Mischief ... and a warning

Here's a good one from my days as a Girl Scout.  (I am now a leader& lifetime member.)

The first time my Mom, who was my leader, took my Girl Scout troop camping, we went to a camp owned by the council for an overnight. Since it was only an overnight, we didn't take anything but the necessities ... which we underestimated the number of.

Two of the girls in the troop were twins, and both had beautiful long, blonde hair. They were also highly mischievous. As we were toasting marshmallows for s'mores that night, the twins got into a "sword fight" with their marshmallow sticks. One of them hit her sister's head witha marshmallow goo covered stick, which stuck in her hair. To make mattersworse, they tried to twist it out!

Remember those things we didn't feel we needed to bring? One was shampoo! And bugs love sweets, so we had to get it out somehow! After a thorough search of the camp showers, we came up with a bottle of shampoo. The only catch wasthat the shampoo was full of dead bugs. After some tears and screams, mymother convinced her that dead bugs were better than live ones, which she would surely have if we didn't get that mess out. This was followed bymore tears and screams as we worked the marshmallow out of her hair ...

The twins never went camping with us again ...

Contributed by:
Sarah Hinkle
Berea, KY, USA
Wilderness Road Girl Scout Council

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