the "funny" came from my 6 year old Kaitlin. the following was contributed by Annette Meadows daughter Kaitlin (6 years old) 94th Ottawa Sparks and 113th Ottawa Guides. Central Division. My girls are both Sparks and we've just learned "Fire's Burning". I was singing the song with them today and when we got to the part "and be merry", my oldest said "I never sing that part because I don't want to be married" lol. Thought it was cute and had to share.

The following was contributed by Kathy Mundinger, 5th London Guide Unit, Cleardale District My Funny Story: When a Guide transfered into our unit I asked her if she had her Guiding records....She looked puzzled and said, "Records, I've heard of those before, are they like CD's?"
My Brown Owl daughter had a girl last week that proudly announced that she can read, so she memorized the Brownie promise all by her self. And proceeded to tell my daughter that she promised.. "To be true to myself my God slash faith asterisk and Canada". Her daddy told her how to say the marks! Too cute. Linda Cooper The Forks Area Manitoba
The following was contributed by contributed by Paula Jackson Brownie Guider Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Annette, hearing you tell the story of your Sparks reminds me of many, many years ago when my daughter jonined Brownies. Back then Brownies were 6, 7, and 8. She actually joined when she was 5 1/2 because I worked with the Guides on the other side of the gym and the Brownie leader said if she was going to be there every week anyway, she might as well be with the girls closer to her age. She was so proud and soon after wore her uniform to school for Thinking Day. When asked by her teacher what Thinking day was she proudly told them it was Lord & Lady Bathing Towel's birthday! Her teacher later told me that she proudly showed them all the parts of the uniform. When the teacher said and " and what is your Brownie purse used for?" she said " Oh that's my Brownie's where I put my Brownie taxes." Now she's 18 years old but I will never forget the chuckle we had. Paula Jackson Hamilton

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