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My troop (mostly 5th grade Juniors), while doing the Girl Scouting in the USA badge, were looking through some older handbooks I have purchased and comparing them to their current books.  They were using a 1932 and a 1959 handbook.  When they got to the back and starting reading the badges, giggling and looks of astonishment were abound.  The Home Health Care, Hospitality, Housekeeper, Dairying and Poultry Raising badges were the culprits of this reaction.  So I decided to read to them the requirements of the Poultry Raising badge and have fun with it.

Well ... near the end of the list, a requirement reads "Learn and be able to demonstrate how to properly dress and draw a chicken.  Then be able to prepare for roasting and frying".  Well before I could get to the second sentence, there was a slew of giggles and some VERY confused faces. I asked what was so funny?  My daughter pipes up and says " So what, we are supposed to put doll clothes on the chicken and sketch a picture of them?"....

Needless to say they were quite appalled to learn what it really meant.

Ahh young minds eh?

Kelly J. Newton
Troop 292

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