A Guide is Honest and Can be Trusted!

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Diana - Brampton, Ontario

One year back in the 60's when I was a Guide Guider in the U.K., I took 15 year olds camping. The little devils crept out of our campsite about 11pm, walked down to the bottom of the hill where the scouts were camping, got into their mess tent, and pulled off all the labels from the tinned food supply. The next morning I had this rather irate scoutmaster tugging at my tent entrance. Needless to say, after he calmed down, we both had a good laugh, and I invited all the scouts to join us for supper that night. They bought their label-less tins, and we provided the potatoes. Everyone had boiled potatoes with fruit salad!

Doe Lake

Sue Hutchinson - Toronto, Ontario.
I was on the Pathfinder Hiking Site at Good Neighbours (one of the Senior Sites at Doe Lake) which is located across from the International Camp site. We had several guests on the International site that week, including a couple of girls and their Guider from The Gambia. Late one night, I heard a rustling in the bushes outside my tent. Curiosity got the better of me and I flicked on the flashlight to find the girls from The Gambia in the bushes with a pot and pan in their hands. I led them back to their campsite, where we found their Guider and were able to interpret the following story: It seems the Pathfinders were telling our guests the story of the skunk. They told them that skunks sprayed a wonderful perfume if you scared them. The girls had gone into the bushes to capture a skunk so they could experience the aroma of this wonderful perfume. Hmmmm lucky we're light sleepers, eh?

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