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Several winters ago I was helping as a Pathfinder Guider in London, Ontario while attending college.  One night the phone rang disturbing me from studying my physics textbook which was causing a great deal of frustration for me.  The person on the phone was a Ranger Guider from Woodstock, and was asking if I would be able to help out that weekend when they unit went to camp.  The second Guider of the unit was unable to go at the last minute ... Well, like any die hard member of Guiding when given the choice of camp or physics, I chose camp.  (Who wouldn't?)  She promised to drop a kit list in the mail to me that night ...

The kit list never arrived so I winged it and packed what I thought I would need for my first ever experience of winter camping in tents, and headed off to camp.

By the time we snowshoed into the woods where we would set up camp it was dark ... and so we stationed the port-a-potty in what we believed to be a convenient location for all, but that would provide privacy from our site.

In the morning when I woke up I urgently needed to use the port-a-potty ... So I jumped out of my sleeping bag and attempted to put on my winter leather boots ... However, I hadn't been thinking too brightly the night before and hadn't placed my boots in the bottom of my sleeping bag, so they were well frozen.  I shoved my feet in them as best I could and stumbled to the port-a-potty ... With great relief I sat down ... when all of a sudden a couple of people passed right by me on a snowmobile and waved ... Yes, we had privacy from those on our campsite, but had placed the port-a-potty right on the snowmobile trail ... and all I could do was smile and wave back as my face turned a bright shade of red.

Deborah (Cassells) Sanders
Woodstock, Ontario

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